Break Chains, Not Hearts | Chocolate Sale 38
Break Chains, Not Hearts | Chocolate Sale

Break Chains, Not Hearts is a Valentine’s Day-themed fundraising and awareness event designed by IJM's Pepperdine University chapter. They received funds for this event by applying for a university scholarship. The chapter purchased fair trade chocolate and candy through Equal Exchange. By creating an online account they were able to buy goods in bulk to cut costs.

The chocolate was sold to students throughout the week of Valentine’s Day with prices at $5 per chocolate bar, $3 per candy bar and $4 for eight chocolate minis and a Valentine’s card. Every item was sold within three days and all proceeds were donated to IJM.

“Human trafficking is not an easy topic to discuss in daily conversation. So having the opportunity to bring it up over the sales of chocolate is a great way to raise awareness and get students involved. I am glad I was able to support IJM’s cause & help fight human trafficking by buying fair trade chocolate this Valentine’s Day.”
- Pepperdine University Student


- So how’d they do it? -

  1. Booked the space/venue. 
  2. Searched and applied for a scholarship.
  3. Secured fair trade chocolate at a wholesale price. 
  4. Created promotional material. 
  5. Assigned leadership team roles to help facilitate the event.
  6. Set up an IJM information table alongside the chocolate sales table.
  7. Enjoyed the goodness of chocolate, friendship and God.

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