Waffles For The World | Waffle Night 39
Waffles For The World | Waffle Night

Waffles for the World is a fundraising and awareness event designed by Auburn University’s IJM chapter. The annual event is held in a large on-campus event space in partnership with the local Waffle House who generously donated waffles, utensils & even the service of their employees! For a ticket, attendees get access to all-you-can-eat waffles, live music, backyard football, and a waffle-eating competition with prizes.

Year over year, people have shown up and Auburn's IJM chapter has raised thousands of dollars for IJM! Read local press coverage of the event from The Auburn Plainsman

The subject of slavery is heavy and very real. But instead of taking a solemn approach, we wanted it to be a celebration. A celebration of the lives IJM has already liberated and is going to liberate, and God’s steadfast love and faithfulness through it all. So we laughed and ate and celebrated. And at the end, our team joined hands with those Waffle House employees that came and lifted our voices to heaven in praise and prayer. It was a beautiful thing.”

- So how’d they do it? -

  1. Booked the space/venue.
  2. Secured a local restaurant's in-kind donation of food & services. (This all started when a Waffle House employee overheard a chapter leader talking about IJM event planning and suggested that the chapter leader talk to a manager about getting Waffle House involved.)
  3. Asked graphic design majors to create promotional material. Promote ticket sales!
  4. Assign leadership team roles to help facilitate the event.
  5. Set up IJM information table.
  6. Mingle, eat waffles, share & celebrate God’s goodness!

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