Tuesday, March 3, 2020 62
Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The trial continued February 24-27, 2020. Judge Lessit is still presiding over this case. All five accused persons are still in custody.

As a reminder, this case has been ongoing since 2016. The Star, a Kenyan news agency, recently ran an article containing a summary of the case and how the trial has proceeded up to now. Right now, we are at the final stages of hearing prosecution witnesses.

Between February 24 and 27, three of the remaining four prosecution witnesses testified. All three witnesses testified regarding location tracking data from cell phones during the time that the murders took place.

What Media Covered the Case?
What Will Happen Next?

While we had hoped the final prosecution witnesses would be able to testify next week, the defense lawyers reported they would not be available, and so the trial has been given new dates for the next hearing on March 23 – 27.

Once the prosecution witnesses have completed their testimony, several witnesses will be recalled for further questioning at the request of the defense team.

The judge will then decide whether the prosecution has shown sufficient evidence for the charges.  If the judge decides there is enough evidence, then the accused will have an opportunity to testify and call defense witnesses if they choose.

What can we pray for?

Thank God for progress in the case - thank God for the witnesses who were able to testify this week.

  • Pray for the team leading this case, for renewed strength and energy as we prepare for what’s next.
  • Pray for the families of Willie, Joseph, and Josephat as they remember their loved ones.
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