1.2 Celebrating International Women's Day 2019 #IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter 23
1.2 Celebrating International Women's Day 2019 #IWD2019 #BalanceforBetter

Why Many of Us Are Here

If you ask members of the IJM movement what made them want to be part of it, odds are that most of them will begin with, "I heard Gary speak at ..." Gary Haugen, IJM's founder and CEO, is an exceptional motivator and vision caster. For those of you who haven't heard Gary speak, he's one of those where the whole time he's talking, you're nodding a lot.

IJM became a reality because of Gary’s gifting in helping others see the bigger picture, problem and proposed solution. But we've grown because there were also people on board who knew how to think on a high level and how to execute on a detailed level.

Playing for Now—and for the Future

Our working model of rescue, restoration, justice for survivors and legal system transformation is a reflection of that mix between the immediate and the visionary. We not only work to directly help people who are being oppressed through rescue, rehabilitation and pursuing justice in the courts, but we are simultaneously playing the long game of making legal systems work to protect the people they’re supposed to.

As I talked to the women of our tech team, it was clear that the same ability of being able to think up top and down low is required to be effective in their jobs. Good data systems are critical if we’re going to be good stewards of the money that makes our work possible. And for a good data system, you need to be able to understand the minutia of each intricate piece and the collective interwoven puzzle that you’re trying to build and maintain. Only then can you build an elegant solution that is simple but not at all simplistic.

The Art of the Craft

This takes incredibly creative minds—and Ellen, Jenn, Melissa, Betty and Ginny are all blessed with that capacity. Just for fun, I asked each of them to draw out (with their eyes closed, no less!) a basic concept of Salesforce, the system that they as a team manage and build. Their interpretations all reflected the same ideas, but also showed their unique views of the facets of the wider idea.

Their sketchings hint to me of some substantial experience in Pictionary and serve as an amusing demonstration of that ability to think clearly about the puzzle and its pieces. One of these days, I’m going to ask Gary to do a blind-folded white-boarding of IJM’s model.

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