A New Way To Send New Beginnings This Easter 25
A New Way To Send New Beginnings This Easter
This spring, you can help restore trafficking survivors to health—in honor of your loved ones.

As members of the IJM community, you've probably seen our online gift catalog at some point.

But in case you've never checked it out, here's how it works!
  1. You browse the online catalog, and shop by type of work, region or price.
  2. You choose a gift in honor of your friend or loved one, and then pick how you'll share that gift with them. You can choose to have a beautiful printed card mailed on your behalf, download and print your own card, or personalize an e-card to be emailed directly to your recipient.
  3. Check out! We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Shopping the gift catalog is a unique way to both support survivors and to share your passion for the cause with your friends and family.

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