Advocate By Reaching Out To Your Local Press! 31
Advocate By Reaching Out To Your Local Press!
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On October 22nd IJM held its 10th Advocacy Summit. Our advocates had the chance to storm the halls of power and say “Estoy Aqui” or “I Am Here” to protect women and children in Central America. Having close to 300 advocates on Capitol Hill was not only impactful, but serves as a reminder that when we all come together to speak up, our voice is much louder. For all of those who weren't able to join us, sign the petition today to help end violence against women and children in Central America.

For those of you were able to join us we wanted to make sure you were equipped to carry on the fight as you went back home. Securing press coverage of your participation in the IJM Advocacy Summit is a powerful way to bring additional attention to the issue of violence against women and children in Central America. Your article can provoke public interest in the campaign, shape public opinion on the issue, and catch the attention of elected officials.

If you do get covered, sending the article to the legislative staff you met with is a great follow-up action. Here are a few simple steps to getting your press release ready:

  1. Download this template press release.
  2. Edit the highlighted sections as prompted with information about you. With a few small tweaks, this is ready to send to your local paper.
  3. Check out your local paper’s website and find the contact information for the news editor, metropolitan editor, community events editor, or online editor and send them your personalized press release. Use the group photo attached to this post!
  4. If you have questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. And please let us know if your paper publishes your press release!
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