The 2020 TIP Report Is Here 36
The 2020 TIP Report Is Here

The 2020 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report will be released this week. It's a day we at IJM have eagerly awaited.

The TIP Report serves as an essential diplomatic tool in the fight against global slavery. The report ranks close to 200 countries based on their efforts to combat human trafficking. 

Those rankings can have real consequences in terms of how U.S. foreign assistance is allocated.

For us as advocates fighting for the end of slavery around the world, the release of the TIP Report is also an important moment to educate our lawmakers about the crime and what can be done to stop it.

There are three easy ways you can bring attention to the TIP Report:

1. Tweet at your legislative officials.
A quick message can urge your elected leaders in Congress to protect the integrity of the TIP Report and fund the U.S. response to human trafficking. Click here to find out who your legislators are.

2. Send a Letter to the Editor
Your voice matters, and the release of this Report serves as an excellent opportunity to raise this issue to the attention of elected leaders by writing and submitting a Letter to the Editor to one of your local publications. 

Policy makers pay attention to these letters, and they are among the most read sections of the newspaper—making them a critical advocacy tool.

Download and edit a copy of the draft text from the 2020 TIP Report Resources files and follow the simple instructions to submit your own Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper when the report is released! Let us know if you submit one (and if it's published!) by emailing [email protected] or commenting on this post. 

3. Share it on social media
Share about the TIP Report via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Download and post some of the social media graphics found here: 2020 TIP Report Resources



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Just sent a LTE to the Raleigh News & Observer, 6/25/2020 
LTE's sent to PennLive (Patriot News, Harrisburg) and Philadelphia Inquirer 6/25/20



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