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Amazing showing from all the teams this weekend! From toddlers to college students to pro-athletes, we saw you ...
Mayline Jun '20
Good luck and have fun to everyone doing the Race to Rescue this weekend! We've already raised close to the ...
Mayline Jun '20
Hello everyone! My name is Rebka Lile and I'm thinking about starting my own team. I'm a little bit confused on how ...
Rebka May '20
Thanks, Rebka ‍. 
Mayline ‍, can you offer any guidance & resources (or connect to someone who can) on fundraising ...
Nic Repp Nic Repp Jun '20
Hey Rebka ! Thank you for considering to race to rescue with us!! This is a great question. I n my opinion,  the ...
Rebka Rebka Jun '20
Thank you!
Hannah Witt
Hi all!! My name is Hannah Witt and I am the leader of the IJM campus chapter at the University of Wisconsin- ...
Hannah Witt May '20
Nic Repp Nic Repp Jun '20
Hey Hannah!!  I'm so glad to see your doing Race to Rescue!  If you're still in Madison, I would highly suggest ...
Hello! My name is Rachel and I live in Des Moines, Iowa.  I just want to say that I'm excited to be apart of the ...
dutchie78 May '20
Rachel Johnson
Hi! My name is Rachel and I am an IJM Campus Chapter Leader at Auburn University! I am planning on walking the race ...
Rachel Johnson May '20
Nic Repp Nic Repp Jun '20
Hey Rachel!  That's a great question, personally, I use Under Armour's app Map My Run.  For myself, I've found this ...
Tristan Penson
Hey everyone! I am so thrilled to participate in the Race to Rescue soon! I was curious if anyone has any big or ...
Tristan Penson May '20
Nic Repp Nic Repp Jun '20
Hey Tristan, thanks for posting! A half marathon sounds like it'll be a tough but fulfilling challenge! As for me, ...
Brittany Baker

My name is Brittany! Excited to get started. I have three kids, and I think we will just be running around the ...
Brittany Baker May '20
Nic Repp Nic Repp May '20
Hey Brittany!

This sounds like a wonderful way to involve your kids in the race and definitely a creative way to keep ...