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There is a Baptist Church here in Siem Reap where the Pastor and his son - a deacon of the same church - are facing ...
Naome Aug '20
Mayline Mayline Aug '20
Hi Naome,
Thanks for sharing your concern - that sounds like a serious situation. I would love to hear other ...
Hi I’m Steve s retired police officer in the USA.Ive been doing work in Ukraine and Poland last year and will now go up ...
S Jun '20
Mayline Mayline Jun '20
Hi Steven,
Thanks for sharing and thank you for your service! IJM currently doesn't support programs in that ...
Hey, I'm Charity from Virginia.  I'm climbing onboard because I know everything here can help me with ...
Charity Apr '20
Hi Charity! Thank you so much for your thoughtful question and your passion for IJM's mission to protect the poor ...
Purity is a enterprising young lady, a mother of four, who lost her leg as a result of a vehicle accident. She was run ...
Prof. Liza
Good day everyone. I woeld like to ask how we can stop this system of blackmailing filipina by Palestinian guy. The ...
Prof. Liza Mar '20
Jessica Abshire
Hi fellow Freedom Commons  I'm presenting my Capstone in a week and need your help!
Please take 5 minutes and fill ...
Jessica Abshire Dec '19
Mayline Mayline Dec '19
Jessica! Good luck on your Capstone next week! I hope you get all the info you need :) 
Clara Campbell

What can you contribute to the fight to end slavery?

If you answered, 'Nothing,' you're absolutely wrong. No ...
Clara Campbell Jun '18
I had the opportunity to deliver postcards from the 100 postcard campaign to my member of Congress and it was such an ...
Do you have any suggestions for advocacy from a country outside the United States? As a U.S. citizen living in ...