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Brax G
Hi! I am a High School student from Northern Utah. I was wondering about any IJM opportunities near me.
Brax G 7d
Hi! I am a college student from the Northern Virginia/D.C. area. Are there any IJM volunteer opportunities ...
SydneyG Apr '21
Hey Sydney...we'd love to get you connected and involved! Best bet is to reach out to Audrey Ross -
What options do I have to work for/with IJM? Full time positions? Over seas? Just want a read on how I can be more ...
Briggs Jan '21
Nic Repp Nic Repp Jan '21
Thank you for your interest in our work! We are so encouraged to hear of your desire to use your skills in the fight ...
Are there any volunteer opportunities in Texas?
Angelina Nov '20
Hi Angelina!

Thanks for reaching out! We do have volunteer teams in Texas. Specifically we have teams in Dallas, ...
Pete Ruggiero
Hello, Are there volunteer opportunities in San Diego?
Pete Ruggiero Oct '20
Mayline Mayline Oct '20
Hi Pete,
Thanks for your question! I believe we do, but let me see if I can get someone on our Volunteer Team to get in ...
Thank you, Mayline.
Liz Butz Liz Butz Oct '20
Hey Pete! Sorry for the delay on this, but please feel free to reach out to our Kate Case, our Regional Mobilization ...
Thank you.
Swim Team
Is there a IJM office in Arizona
Swim Team Aug '20
Hello -

While we don't currently have an office in Arizona, we do have an incredible IJM Volunteer Team in Phoenix ...
Kelley Bryan
Does IJM have a local team in Utah?
Kelley Bryan Jul '20
Mayline Mayline Jul '20
Hi Kelley!
Thanks for asking. One of our staff members in your region has reached out to you with more information ...
Paul Timothy Jensen
I've been reading Gary Haugen's book Just Courage and an interested volunteering with IJM. My background in brief ...
Paul -

Thanks for sharing your encouraging story! One of our colleagues from IJM's US Advocacy & Mobilization Team ...
Mayline Mayline Jul '20
Hi Paul,
That's so wonderful to hear that you've been inspired by  Just Courage!   If you're interested in reading ...