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If there are, I would love to learn from them!  I am looking to begin following the plan starting in May this year.  If ...
esolomon0830 Jan '21
Hello again!

I wanted to follow up with this, I'm not sure if I post again if anyone will see it, but I am still ...
Is it possible to give directly from my bank account via ACH as opposed to a credit card?  Thanks for all you do.
danesanders Dec '20
Nic Repp Nic Repp Mar '21
Hey Dane! 

You are able to sign up for a monthly gift through our website  using your bank account. Unfortunately, ...
Hello! I am a senior social work student (Bachelor's level) and I have recently felt a strong pull towards IJM and ...
a.hernandez Sep '20
Mayline Mayline Oct '20
Hi a.hernandez,
Thank you so much for your interest in our work and for your heart to serve others in the profession ...
Karen Riesinger
I attend a moderate sized Presbyterian church in Portland Oregon.  I am interested to know if you have a church ...
Karen Riesinger Sep '20
Mayline Mayline Sep '20
Hi Karen!
Thanks for reaching out. I'm so glad to hear that you'd like to get your church connected with the work of ...
I received a call from IJM yesterday saying there was a matching donation drive going on but I don't see any mention ...
Jim Jul '20
Mayline Mayline Jul '20
Hi Jim,
Thanks for reaching out! We indeed have a doubling opportunity available from now until July 20th where ...
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How can I help. As a victim of be molested at 4 and a victim of domestic violence. How can I help. Made a movie about my ...
Genia Jun '20
Nic Repp Nic Repp Jun '20
Hello Genia,

Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing a bit of your story as well as expressing interest to ...
Dear Sir or Madam, This is the first I have ever heard of this organization. Could you please give me more ...
jpt5150 Jun '20
Mayline Mayline Jun '20
Hi jpt5150,
Thanks for reaching out and wanting to learn more! International Justice Mission is a global ...
Bo Beatty
Would love to speak with someone from IJM to begin to develop a collaborative relationship. Our announcement ...
Bo Beatty Feb '20
Donald Kidd
Dear IJM... I am looking at the Quarterly Newsletter that came in the mail today and I am reminded to do what I have ...
Donald Kidd Oct '19
Mayline Mayline Oct '19
Hi Pastor Don,
Thanks for reaching out to us! I think a great first place to start would be for your church group to see ...
I have filled out the visit form and look forward to hearing back.

Pastor Don Kidd
Crystal Orfanella
Hello, I am looking to connect with a local volunteer in the Charlotte metropolitan area.  Please let me know if ...
Hi Crystal,
Thank you so much for reaching out! Feel free to shoot me an email at  and I can get you ...