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Mark&Susan Howard
My name is Susan Howard and my husband is Mark Howard.  We have long been interested in the work of the IJM.  My ...
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Hi my name is Jen Mojica Academia. I’m about to get my children’s book published and I would like to donate 1.00 to ...
Jen Feb '21
Nic Repp Nic Repp Mar '21
Hello Jen,

Thank you for reaching out about this and thank you for your support! We are so encouraged by your desire ...
Megan Schnitzius
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My name is Megan! I'm hoping to sell some art & send a portion of the proceeds to IJM. I'd love to hear about your ...
Nic Repp Nic Repp Feb '21
Hey Megan! I did something similar to this when I was in college.  I was a part of a coffee shop that donated it's ...