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What is IJM Community?

In a time when over 40 million men, women and children around the world are living in slavery and the reality of everyday violence pervades the lives of the poorest people, this site exists as a gathering ground for those who want to take action in solidarity with the oppressed.

In other words, this site exists for people like you: people of good will, who are not content simply to know the bad news, but who want to do what they can to bring about change.

IJM Community is a hub for those of us who want to do our part—a place to gather, to act and to further the fight for freedom and justice.

We are so glad you’re here! We hope you'll join this community and International Justice Mission as we take action to combat slavery and protect the poor from everyday violence around the world.

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    Dear IJM...

    I am looking at the Quarterly Newsletter that came in the mail today and I am reminded to do what I have regularly wanted to do....and that is connect with you about IJM's work in Guatemala.  I am a US pastor with mission connections in Guatemala.  I was wondering how I might be able to connect your office and its work in Guate with the church group wi...
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    On June 23, 2016, Willie Kimani, a Kenyan human rights defender, IJM staff member, and father of two, went to a court outside Nairobi, accompanying Josephat Mwenda, who was bravely fighting to defend himself against blatantly false charges by an abusive police force. The bodies of Willie, Josephat and their driver Joseph Muiruri—an innocent bystande...

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There's room for all in the movement to end slavery. Let's figure out what actions you want to take next.