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pete lewis
How do I talk to people who say "why would God allow this"  Thanks for insights!
pete lewis Dec '19
May May Dec '19
That's a great question and undoubtedly one everyone asks when faced with the brutal reality of tragedies like ...
Emily Nelson
IJM’s VP of Global Business Solutions, Jesse Rudy

 “We go into a country with absolute impunity. People are being ...

Emily Nelson Nov '19
Emily Nelson

CEO of IJM speaks at Passion Conference 2019 about bringing light into the world

“You are the first generation in ...
Emily Nelson Oct '19
Emily Nelson
IJM's Regional President of Asia Pacific, Christa Sharpe, speaks at the 2019 IF Gathering

“God has beautifully ...
Emily Nelson Oct '19
Many of you took part in Freedom Sunday this past month and some of you focused on  the story of Foli who was ...
May Oct '19

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